In our contemporary world, today’s technology becomes outdated and eventually obsolete. Betamax is replaced by VHS, which is replaced by DVDs, then Blu-Ray, then streaming, etc.

In the PC world, we’ve gone from Windows 98 to XP, 7, Vista, 8, 8.1 and now Windows 10. Along the path of progress, related devices and software must be updated, upgraded, or discarded. Remember the Palm Pilot? And Microsoft introduced XP way back in 2001!

Sign making software is no exception. As the digital infrastructure gets upgraded support for old software is no longer feasible. It’s time to move on. Now’s the time to update your old LXi software and keep your business moving forward. Every day, more and more users are enjoying the convenience and online features of Vinyl Express LXi 19.

LXI &.5 & 8.5: End of Life; No more support

Due to a loss of manufacturer support for the soft key licenses issued during this era, LXi 8.5 is at an “end of life” phase. Soft key licenses (those that run without the use of a dongle or hard key) are failing due to unsupported operating systems for which they were designed. We have been assisting customers on a case-by-case basis as they contact us, but we would rather offer solutions before the problem arises. Your old 8.5 software has either stopped working or soon will stop working. Now is the time to upgrade! Customers still using LXi 8.5 should contact us and request a quote for upgrading to LXi 19.

LXi 10, 10.5: End of Life; No more support

LXi 10 and LXI 10.5 licenses were introduced in 2010 and are compatible with Windows XP (3), Vista, and Windows 7. These operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft, and the original licenses are no longer active on the server. This means we are unable to continue to provide technical support for LXI 10 and 10.5 customers. Issues that render the software inoperable will have to be remedied with the purchase of a comparable new LXI 19 license.

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