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We hear it everyday. “I just purchased Vinyl Express LXi Cloud, and I didn’t receive a disc.” Don’t panic. The very nature of Cloud software eliminates the need for discs and makes the software constantly available via the web. All you need is access to your own personal Cloud account from which you can download your software.

-You do not need a disc to download your software. You may have received a setup DVD. However, this disc only includes a demo version of the program; it does not include your actual software.

-The software could take an hour or two to in install, so plan in advance.

-Be sure to install the software onto the computer from which you plan to operate your cutter.

Whether your software was purchased by itself or with cutter/printer equipment, you should have received a card stock sheet of paper with the heading “LXi Cloud.” This paper will direct you to the site from which you will download your software.

Setup Up Your Cloud Account

1. Go to in your web browser.

2. Copy the Activation Code found on your instruction sheet (using all caps) into the first field on the SAi Cloud web site and click “Activate.”

3. You are now asked whether you are a returning customer or if you are new to SAi Cloud. If you are reading these instructions, you are likely a new user.

4. Enter your email address into the next field. It is recommended you use a permanent business email address.

5. Click “Create Account.”

6. The site will automatically send a message to your email account with a link to your SAi Cloud account.

Activate Your Software

At this point, your new account has been generated, but the setup is not yet complete.

7. Fill in your account information including the password that you will use every time you login to your account.

8. Once you have provided the password and all other required fields, click “Create Account.”

9. Accept the terms and conditions, and finally…

10. Click “Activate Now.”

General information about your newly activated software should now show on left side of your screen, and more detailed licensing information can be seen top/center.

Download and Install

So far, you have created your SAi account and activated your software within the account. However, we still need to download and install the software to the computer from which you will use it. These steps may prove to be easy but time-consuming.

11. Under the Getting Started Section of the page, click “Download Now.”

12. Choose where you want the SAi_Software_Download.exe file downloaded and click “Save.” (Note: The software is over 400 megabytes and could take an hour or two depending on your computer and connection.)

13. After downloading, the following prompt should automatically appear: “Would you like to start the installation process now?” Click “Yes.”

14. The next several questions and prompts include basic information such as language and acceptance of the license agreement. Unless you know of a specific need for a specific change to these settings, advance by clicking “Next” or “OK” on each screen.

Activate the License

Once the installation is complete, you are ready to activate the software license. This is the final step before using the software.

 15. When asked for an activation code, copy the long letter/number sequence found on our main page, and paste it into the “Activation Code” field in the smaller window.

16. Click “Next.”

17. You should soon be told that the licensing was successful. You can then click, “Finish.”

18. If prompted by InstallShield Wizard, click “Finish” again.

You made it. You should now find two new icons on your computer’s desktop: VE LXi (to design/send jobs) and Production Manager (to setup your communication to your cutter). Simply setup your equipment in the software, and you are ready for business.

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