NOTE: A video demonstration can be found at the bottom of this article. 

In order to send to your Mutoh printer through a router you will need to use regular Ethernet cables (not crossover) for the connection from the computer to the router and to the printer from the router.

  • Once you have the proper cables connected, open the search option in Windows and type in cmd.exe.
  • Select it from the list. In the black DOS window that appears, type ipconfig and press Enter on your keyboard. What will come up should look something like this:

Ethernet Adapter Local Area Network pic

  • Write down the IPv4 Address, Subnet Mask, and Default Gateway. Once you have it written down you can close the window.
  • You will now need to enter address information in your printer and software setup. However, you do not want to match the IP address on your computer entirely. Instead, enter a slightly modified number into Flexi and on the printer. Pick a number that is slightly higher than what you found in you local area connection. We recommend ending with a series of 250-253. For example, in this instance, because our router is, we could use in Flexi and on the printer. The reason the number needs to be only slightly higher than the IPv4 address is because the router will only recognize a limited range of available addresses. Again, whatever number you use for the IP Address, it must be slightly higher than the address on the router and must match between the Production Manager and the printer.
  • Change the Subnet Mask and the Default Gateway settings on your printer to match the exact settings of the router.

To change these settings on the printer…

  • With Ready to Print showing, press the Menu key.
  • Press the right arrow then down arrow to scroll through the menu until you find IP Address.
  • Press Enter.
  • Use the Left and Right arrow keys to select the number and the Up and Down keys to change the numbers.
  • Once you have the correct address, press Enter to save the change.

To change the IP Address in the Production Manager…

  • Right click on the printer setup with the TCP/IP address and select Change Port.
  • Enter the same IP address as you entered on the printer then click Apply and Ok. No other changes need to be made here.

Once you have completed these steps you’re ready to try sending a job from Flexi to test the connection.

The follow video shows both direct connection (computer-to-printer) and communication via router. The router portion begins at 4:26, but it may be beneficial to watch entire video for context.