MUSE Vinyl Cutter Support Resources

MUSE M15 desktop vinyl cutter

Welcome to the SIGNWarehouse MUSE vinyl cutter support page. Here you will find all the essential resources for setting up and using your new MUSE vinyl cutter. Below you will find the setup video, user manual, links to other support resources, and contact information for SIGNWarehouse Product Support.

MUSE Setup Video

Click the thumbnail below to begin viewing. The links below lead to the individual segments. You can begin in segment one and watch the entire setup video in auto-play mode. Each segment will load automatically. To jump to a particular topic, just click the segment link below and that segment will play in the window at the top. Refer to the a bullet point list of topics so you can see what’s covered in each segment.

Segment Two: Ports & Pinch Rollers
  • Power and Media Ports
  • How to Set Pinch Rollers

Segment 3: Loading Media
  • Proper Media Loading
  • How to Optimize Tracking

Segment 4: Blades & Other Tools
  • Installing and Setting Blades Correctly
  • Plotter Pen
  • Engraving Tool

Segment 5: Control Panel – Home Screen
  • Home Screen Menu
  • Arrow Keys
  • Test Cuts

Segment 6: Control Panel – Settings
  • Camera
  • WiFi
  • Advance
  • Array

Segment 7: Control Panel – General Settings
  • LED Lighting
  • Alarm Setting
  • Screen Saver
  • Unit Setting
  • Unit Language

Segment 8: Control Panel – Advanced Settings
  • Show Point
  • Y Key Mode
  • Power On Position
  • Scale Adjustment

Segment 9: Control Panel – Speed & Force
  • US & VS Speed Settings
  • Force Setting
  • Managing Presets

Segment 10: Control Panel – Array
  • US & VS Speed Settings
  • Force Setting
  • Managing Presets

Segment 11: Installing LXI Software
  • Downloading & Installation
  • License Activation

Segment 11A: LXI – First Cut Job
  • MUSE Vinyl Cutter Setup
  • Port Settings & Default Job Properties
  • Sending Cut Jobs

Segment 12: Installing Create Space Software
  • Downloading & Installing
  • License Activation
  • MUSE Cutter Setup
  • Sending Cut Jobs

Segments 13 – 15: Wi-fi Connectivity
  • Connecting the MUSE to a Wireless Network
  • Updating LXI port settings
  • Updating Create Space port settings

Segment 16: U-Disc Cutting Option
  • U-Disc Control Panel Feature
  • Updating LXI port settings
  • Updating Create Space port settings

Segment 17: Camera Calibration
  • Control Panel Camera Setting
  • Camera Adjust
  • Auto Inverse Option

Segment 18: Contour-Cutting: Print & Cut from LXI
  • Desktop Print & Cut Process
  • Large Format Print & Cut Process

Segment 19: Contour-Cutting: Print & Cut from Create Space
  • Vector Graphics Print & Cut Process
  • Raster Graphics Print & Cut Process

Segment 20: Troubleshooting Tips
  • Communication Tips
  • Cutting Tips
  • Weeding Tips
  • Contour-Cutting Tips

MUSE User Manuals

The MUSE vinyl cutter user manuals will be available shortly. Check back here if you prefer written support documents instead of video content.

LXI Support

Click here to access our extensive video tutorial library for LXI software. LXI is offered in five levels from Apprentice to RIP Design and presents a complete range of vector design tools and support for combined raster and vector workflows. This flexibility supports production of vinyl decals, garment decoration and print & cut workflow.

Click here to access the MUSE Vinyl cutter driver package for LXI 12. These files need to be added to the Program/Output Drivers folder on the drive on which your LXI 12 software is installed on your PC.

Download Create Space Software

For information on how to install and configure Create Space software, please refer to segment 12 in the MUSE setup video. See the link above. Use the links below to download the MAC and Windows executables and to view the video tutorial library.

Click Here to Download the Create Space for Windows setup file

Click Here to Download the Create Space for MAC installation package

Create Space Video Tutorials

Please click here to access the library of Create Space video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

How to Get Help

MUSE vinyl cutters come with at least 90 days of complimentary Gold Support. If you get stuck at any point in installing or using your MUSE vinyl cutter, we’re here to help. Just CLICK HERE to submit a ticket for SIGNWarehouse Product Support. You will need to do this from your SIGNWarehouse account login or create an account in before submitting a support ticket. Please include your daytime contact information, product, software choice, and the nature of your problem.

THANK YOU for your purchase! We hope you enjoy creating custom vinyl graphics with your MUSE vinyl cutter.

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