Good news, Oki owners! There is a black toner option for the Oki Pro8432WT. You can instantly convert your printer from CMYW to CMYK as needed. The addition of true black toner fully delivers on the promise of versatility that makes laser transfer printing so attractive. With the CMYK option, you have professional quality output for printing your internal office documents, presentations, flyers and such. And your one-step laser transfers on white apparel will have better saturation and tonal range for crisper, more vibrant-looking graphics. Since you can switch back to CMYW in seconds, you retain the ability to decorate dark garments with single-pass white toner printing.

If you already have an Oki Pro 8432WT and would like to take advantage of black & white swapping, you might think that all you need to do is purchase the new toner cartridge and pop it in. You’re mostly right. There are a couple of changes required to driver, profiles and settings. Here’s what you need to know for successful Oki Pro 8432WT Black toner setup.

Step 1: Download New Driver & ICC Profiles

Before you install the Black toner and drum set, you’ll need to download the updated driver and ICC Profile that supports CMYK printing with your 8432WT. You can click here to download the files or surf to

When you land at that web page, you’ll be prompted to enter your printer’s serial number. Here’s how to find it.

  1. Press the down arrow on the printer to access the Menu.
  2. Scroll down to highlight Configuration and press enter.
  3. Scroll down to highlight System. Press Enter.
  4. Serial Number is highlighted. Press enter to display the printer’s serial number.

TransferRIP update: The process above updates the Windows printer driver. There is a separate profile used for Forever TransferRIP that supports one-step transfer papers for white apparel such as LXF Light.
Please click here to download this profile and follow the instructions in the TransferRIP User Manual to add it to your software.




Step 2: Install New Driver & Profile

Enter your printer’s serial number online and download the new driver and ICC profile. Once you’ve downloaded the files, you can browse to that location in Windows explorer and double-click on them to launch the installation program. The installation program will prompt you to Search for the installed printer driver. Clicking the Search button should populate the printer to the window (Fig1) . If the Search button fails to locate the printer, you will need to change your port setting from Ethernet to USB.
Repeat the process with the new ICC profile. Double click to launch the installer and select the OKI Pro 8432WT. Then click ‘Yes’ to install the new CMYK profile.

Repeat the process with the new ICC profile. Double click to launch the CMYK profile you downloaded. The installer will search for and display the OKI PRO 8432WT. Select it and click ‘Yes’ to send the new profile to the Oki printer driver. (Fig 2).

Step 3: Install Black toner & drum cartridge

Installing the Black toner and drum cartridge is fairly simple. Open the drum cartridge box first.  Remove the protective film from the drum cartridge. Then open the toner cartridge box, remove the adhesive cover from the bottom of the toner cartridge and slide it into place atop the drum cartridge. NOTE: if you have trouble seating the toner cartridge, don’t panic. It may not click easily into place. A little effort may be required. Move the blue lever forward to lock the toner cartridge into place.  Open the printer, remove the White toner and drum cartridge, and lower the black toner and drum cartridge into the same slot.  Close the printer. If the printer displays a toner error, open it and push the blue “Lock” lever a little farther forward to fully seat the new cartridges.

Step 4: Update Print Driver Color Settings

Now that you have the new Black toner and drum cartridges mated and installed in your printer, you’re almost ready to start printing with the CMYK option. Before you send your first CMYK print job, you’ll need to make a few adjustments to the driver settings. This can be done in the Printers and Scanners window beforehand or during your first print. Here’s how to set it up before you begin printing.

Open the Printers and Scanners or Devices and Printers window. In Windows 10, you can find this by typing printers in the Search window at the lower left corner of your task bar. Right-click on the OkiPro 8432WT and click “Manage Printer”. Click Printer Preferences.  Then select the Color Tab and click “Options”. This will launch the Color Print Details window.

Click Output Profile in the Printer Output Profile window. From the drop-down menu, select Printer 2 (see below). In this setting Black is generated by Black toner instead of composite color.   

Click the CMYK Link Profile box at the bottom of the Color Printer Details window. Click the arrow to display the drop-down menu. Then select CMYK Link 1 and click OK (FIG 4 at right). You’re all set. Now you can send jobs to the OKI Pro 8432WT in CMYW or CMYK mode simply by opening the printer and swapping the White toner & drum cartridge for Black and back as needed. By the way, all of the instructions for steps 2 through 5 are included in the paperwork shipped with your toner cartridge. If you have any questions, refer to the Black Consumables Setup Guide.

That’s it for Oki Pro 8432WT Black toner setup. Depending on your broadband speed, the entire process should take about 15 minutes. Download the driver and profile, switch to USB, and install them. Open the cartridges, marry them and lock them into place in the back slot in your printer. Update the Color options printer settings and you’re good to go. You’ll notice a definite difference in the contrast and tonal range of your prints on white media and transfers on white apparel. For decorating dark, just pull the black toner & drum cartridge out, drop the White toner and drum set into in the same slot and print away. If you haven’t ordered your Black toner and drum cartridge bundle, you can do that now with the click of a mouse.

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