Customers needing additional support for equipment no-longer covered by warranty may want to consider purchasing on-site service or repair from a certified SignWarehouse technician. Expenses will include travel, labor and parts. The following Non-Warranty On-Site Support Packages are based on distance from our North Texas location.

TS-NWOS-100 (miles) $595.00 Travel & Labor Plus Parts

TS-NWOS-200 (miles) $995.00 Travel & Labor Plus Parts

TS-NWOS-400 (miles) $1195.00 Travel & Labor Plus Parts

TS-NWOS-800 (miles) $1995.00 Travel & Labor Plus Parts

TS-NWOS-1200 (miles) $2150.00 Travel & Labor Plus Parts

ON-SITE-TRAINING $2250.00 Travel & Training (2 Days)

NOTE: All prices are for 1 Day labor unless otherwise indicated (this may include travel time for shorter trips). Any Additional days will be charged at a rate of $349.00 per day/days required to complete the repair. Labor-Tech $120.00 per Hour In-Shop Repair. Trips are scheduled based on priority and warranty status. Scheduled trips for normal maintenance and training are usually 2-3 weeks out.