Download the profiles that correspond with your PrismJET, Mutoh ValueJET, or XpertJet printer.

After downloading the zipped folder, extract all files to your desktop or into a folder through which you can easily navigate.  Click here for instructions on installing ICC Profiles.

PrismJET 54 Gen2

Download launch profiles for the PrismJET 54 Gen2 printer. These are for EnduraINK PRO and/or MUTOH MS31 eco-solvent ink.PrismJET 54 Gen 2 eco-solvent printer

PrismJET 54 Gen2 ICC Profiles: updated April 1, 2022

PrismJET VJ24 or Mutoh ValueJET 628

PrismJET VJ24X or Mutoh ValueJET 628X

PrismJET VJ48 or Mutoh ValueJET 12041204 Promotional Pic

MUTOH XpertJet 1341SR PRO

These are ICC profiles for the 54-inch Mutoh XpertJet 1341SR Pro printer. Most of these are custom profiles generated by the SIGNWarehouse Product Support. They are tagged with the ink used. MS31 refers to profiles generated using MUTOH MS31 eco-solvent ink. EIP refers to profiles generated using ENDURA INK Pro ink. In detailed comparison of printed targets, the differences between these profiles is indistinguishable.
These were all generated in Flexi 19 or Flexi 21 and may not be compatible with older versions of Flexi.

Download Mutoh Xpertjet 1341SR PRO profiles.

MUTOH XpertJet 1641SR

Download Flexi12, Flexi 19 profiles for XpertJet and MS41 Ink

ValueJET 1324VJ1324 Promotional Pic

PrismJET VJ54

ValueJET 1617

Color Profiles

ValueJET 1624

Don’t see your printer? Find profiles for additional printer models here.

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