Let’s clear up some misconceptions about Vinyl Express LXi Cloud and LXI 12. At one end of the spectrum, we have users who fear they can never switch computers because they have already downloaded their one and only copy of LXi. At the other end, some users think they can download the software multiple times onto an infinite number of computers. After all, if the software doesn’t require a security hardware key, what’s stopping users from downloading multiple copies? This article will address licensing and explain what to do if you ever need to reinstall to the same or new computer.

Part 1: License Removal or Upgrade

The standard purchase of Vinyl Express LXi Cloud or LXi 12 includes one license. Prior to LXi Cloud, previous versions prohibited simultaneous usage on multiple computers by requiring that a security hardware key (or dongle) be plugged into the computer while using the program. In the same manner, when Cloud users try to download to a second computer, they are prompted that the software has already been licensed to the first computer and is therefore unavailable for download.

LXi Cloud’s license registration prevents illegal copies and unauthorized usage, but what about a legitimate need to reinstall? Maybe our computer crashed; maybe it caught a virus and we had to reformat; maybe we just want to upgrade to a new computer. Isn’t there a way to transfer (not copy) the license from one computer to the next? Of course there is! The key is you must remove your current license before you can license a new (or even the same) computer. There are a few different ways to go about this depending on your situation.

A. “My software is still working, but I want to transfer it to a different computer.”

The license will be released as part of the uninstall process as long as the computer is connected to the internet when you do. Still, you may want to remove the license manually just to be certain. Here’s how.

1. Click “Start” in Windows and go to “All Programs.”
2. Find the LXi Cloud folder and open the “License Manager.”
3. Select “Remove License from This Computer.”
That’s how easy license removal can be. Unfortunately, we don’t always have the option of removeing the license before unexpected computer failure. In those cases, users of Vinyl Express LXi Cloud will need to take other measures.

B. “I no longer have my software due to crash or reformat, and I’m in a hurry to reinstall (for the first time).”

SAi, the software manufacturer, typically oversees re-licensing to prevent abuse. However, every user has the ability to release his/her license at least once for reinstallation. Follow these steps.

1. Login to www.saicloud.com using the email and password you submitted when originally setting up your account.
2. Click on the name of your software. If you have more than one program on your account, choose the one you wish to reinstall.
3. Click “License Removed.”
4. If you don’t have a removal code, click “No Removal Code.”
5. Finally, click “Remove License.”
You may get a confirmation that your license was successfully removed, or you may simply be redirected to your account’s home page. As long as you didn’t get a notification of too many removals, you were successful. If you do get a notice that there have been too many removals, you are left with one final option.

C. “I need the manufacturer to release my license.”

Don’t be surprised if you got the “too many times” notification when trying to remove the license yourself. This may have been caused by multiple attempts during your initial download. There is no need to fear. We simply need to contact the manufacturer to release the license.

• Submit your request for LXi Cloud license release by calling SignWarehouse Technical Support at 1-800-966-1783 or email [email protected]
We will forward your request to SAi. The request can take anywhere from 20-minutes to a few hours depending on the manufacturer’s workload. We will promptly contact you as soon as we receive confirmation that the license was successfully released.

Part 2: Download and Re-install

Once you have successfully removed your license, you can download the software from your Cloud account just like you did during the initial installation.

1. Login to your SAi account on the computer to which you wish to download.-click
2. Click “Download License.” Make sure to save it to the desktop or somewhere you can easily find it later.
3. Click “Download Now” to retrieve the LXi program.
(Time-saving tip: If you still have the SAI Installer folder on your desktop from the original
installation, you can just open that folder, find the AutoRun.exe file and double-click that to       quick-start the process. )
4. If you’re having trouble downloading the installer, just click here to download the zipped installation file. Extract it, open the mail folder and right-click on the Autorun.exe file. From the fly-out menu, select Run as Administrator, and launch the installer. This method bypasses some issues with internet connectivity that can interfere with downloading the installer from the SAI server.
5. A popup at the bottom of your screen will give you the options to run or save the download. Click “Run” to begin the installation.

Fig 1: Rename the folder to prevent over-writing the installed program

Note! Do Not Overwrite the existing installation.  Reinstall LXi in a new folder so that your old files and preferences are saved.  This will also help in any future troubleshooting.  When the LXI Choose Destination Location window appears, click the Browse button at the bottom of the window next to the “Destination Folder Location” text. Then, in the Choose Folder window, type in a new folder name;  i.e. LXI12_NEW (Fig 1)

5. After the program has been installed, find the LXi Cloud program and open the License Manager.
6. Select the option, “Import a License File.”
7. In that window, browse to the location where you saved the license earlier. Select the license and click “Open.”
8. Once complete, click “Finish” in the License Manager.
9. Now go back to the LXi Cloud program and open the Install Manager. Select “Install to Desktop” and “Clear Application’s Previous Preferences.” Click “OK.”
10. Follow the prompts to complete the installation on the new computer.

You should see new icons (LXi 12 and Production Manager 12) on your computer’s desktop once complete.

Installing Upgrades

The process for installing an upgrade from LXI 10 to 12 is similar. Once you’ve purchased the upgrade, you will receive and email with the new activation code. You’ll need to create an SAI Cloud account and download the new software. Download and install LXI 12 license, but do not override the existing LXI folder. Save it to a new folder (see above) so you can retain your old files and import them into the new LXI 12 license. At the end of the installation process, you will be prompted to enter the activation code. This can be found in your email or your SAI Cloud account.

As you can see, reinstalling VE LXi Cloud is a bit more involved than the simple click of a button. While the software is not intended to be copied onto multiple computers, we certainly want you to be able to access your software whenever you want. By following the steps outlined in this article, you should be back in the business of designing and cutting in no time.

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